When life's demands and the high expectations we create for ourselves outpace our ability to cope effectively, life can feel out of balance and the stress can feeling overwhelming. Healthy Minds Project educates and empowers youth, families, and teachers to meet life's challenges by providing the skills and tools needed to successfully manage the challenges in healthy ways so we can embrace opportunities we might otherwise miss.


Kim O’Connor, LCSW-R, is a Clinical Social Worker and Beth Gallos MA, CAS is a School Psychologist and Integrative Health Coach. Together they have over 40 years experience helping youth of all ages and families from many backgrounds live more peaceful, healthier and happier lives. Both believe that mindful solutions can bring lasting change to children, families, and communities and use mindfulness informed approaches to improve the social-emotional wellbeing through individual and group therapy as well as school and community groups and workshops.  

Both Beth and Kim understand and believe that greater self-awareness, an ability to regulate our emotions and connect effectively with others is essential to our emotional well-being.

Learn how to reduce stress, promote wellbeing and improve academic performance with mindfulness and other social learning tools.

We offer a variety of workshops, groups, and experiences to support you, your family and your classroom.


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"Opportunities To Find Deeper Powers Within Ourselves Come When Life Seems Most Challenging"

Joseph Campbell

“Beth and Kim continue to amaze me with their dedication, work ethic, and genuine drive to inspire and educate people to become better versions of themselves. While many people my age feel stuck at the opportunities to grow and get uncomfortable at meeting new people, these relational alchemists have constantly allowed me to improve mindfulness and connection to guide me forward on my journey. 



Brandon LaBella, Author The Journey To Failing Freely


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