Healthy Minds Project educates and empowers youth, families, and teachers to meet life's challenges by providing the skills and tools needed to successfully meet the challenges in healthy ways so we can embrace opportunities we might otherwise miss. 

Beth Gallos and Kim O'Connor created Healthy Minds Project to provide effective programming and promote meaningful community dialogue on healthier ways to relate to time, self and others in this fast-paced world.


Both believe that mindful solutions can bring lasting change to children, families, and communities and use mindfulness informed approaches to improve the social-emotional wellbeing through individual and group therapy as well as school and community groups and workshops.  

Meet our Team

Beth Gallos

Beth Gallos is a school psychologist, educator and holistic health coach with over 16 years experience working in both the public schools and in private practice. Currently, she works with youth and families individually and in groups, teaches mindfulness education and provides holistic health coaching to clients looking to reach their highest potential.  

Kim O'Connor

Kim O'Connor is a clinical social worker and educator with over 25 years of experience in a variety of settings including hospitals, mental health centers, not-for-profits, and schools. She currently has a local private practice in which she works with youth, adults, and families. She also teaches in the Masters Program at the NYU School of Social Work.

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